Biodiesel, Glycerin, Rapeseed oil, Rapeseed meal



Viterra Magdeburg is a certified producer of pelletized rapeseed meal and high-quality glycerin 99,5% for the feed, food, pharma and cosmetic market as well as a biodiesel manufacturer.


Biodiesel is a renewable fuel with product properties that are comparable to those of mineral diesel fuel, but which is derived from vegetable oils.

Biodiesel products
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Glycerine 99.5%

Glycerin from Viterra is used for medical, cosmetic, food or technical applications and pure plant-based.

Gylcerine products
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Technical rapeseed oils

Technical rapeseed oils as raw material for the production of solvents, surfactants, biodegradable oils and lubricant

Technical rapeseed oil
Rapeseed Meal

Rapeseed meal is rich in energy and proteins and, therefore, valuable feed for cattle, pigs, and poultry.

Rapeseed Meal
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